About Us

Our Capability Statement

CeDHA is a research developmental think-thank that focuses on demographic and health research geared towards influencing policy and practice. CeDHA’s core business is to conduct research that generate empirical evidence aimed at guiding decision-making. Our strength lies in the interdisciplinary nature of the team – demographers, health policy researchers, development economists, statisticians and data analysts, health economists, among many others. We conduct survey research, impact evaluations, qualitative systems appraisals, and undertake data analysis. Most of our team members have conducted research for both local and international organizations such as UNFPA, Oxford consultants (UK), WHO, Ghana Health Service, National Development Planning Commission (NDPC), KOICA, Catholic Relief Services, among many others. We have also partnered with academic institutions such as Harvard University, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania and Imperial College London, to conduct research. We have a track record of publications in both peer review journals and policy reports. Our core values are integrity, discipline and timely delivery. We are open do business with serious minded individuals and organizations.

How We Work

  • Engage extensively with a variety of stakeholders at steps of the research process to conduct relevant policy-oriented research to address global challenges.
  • Conduct evaluation of development programmes to build evidence for policy-making and programme design.
  • Create awareness of existing population and health challenges through our blog and our podcasts.
  • Provide commentary on population and health policies where needed.
  • Conduct research seminars to build capacity of policy-makers and practitioners on using research for evidence-based decision-making and utilizing data for development.
  • Disseminate research findings using seminars, policy briefs and social media.
  • Serve as technical advisors on development programmes/projects.